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Private Lessons

Ziggy's will offer private and semi-private lessons in multiple formats.  This will include one-on-one private lessons, small group family/friend lessons and Semi 2-person private lessons for Preschoolers.   The lessons can be booked on Ziggy's event calendar.


Private Lessons

  • Lessons are Skill and Level specific with a focus to achieve a specific skill or goal

  • Student will be paired up with a coach to meet their specific skill level and goal

Small Group Family/Friend Lessons:

  • Lessons are designed to provide fun gymnastics instruction for siblings and/or friends up to 4 participants.

  • TBD

Semi-Private Preschool


  • Lessons are for girls and boys ages of 4 and 5 years old

  • Social distancing will be part of the lesson, but due to the young age it may not be possible at all times

  • TBD

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